Sunday, 7 April 2013

Chicken cutlet

I am so happy to share this recipe because this is my “signature dish”…Chicken cutlet it is!!!!!!  I started my cooking experiments by preparing different cutlets…I used to give demo preparations  for our family friends…I am so confident of this one and you give me anything whether it is vegetable, fish or meat, I will make culet out of it!!! So here I present my favorite chicken cutlet recipe….

Ingredients :

Minced chicken    - 1 cup
Onions(chopped)   - 1 cup

Ginger (chopped)   - 2tsp
Two Green chilli (chopped)

Red chilli powder  - 1tsp

Salt                           -  2tsp
Mashed potato       3cups

Bread crumbs      - 1cup

Eggs                     - 2


1.       Mix mashed potato, chopped onions, green chillies, ginger ,salt and chillipowder.

2.       Add minced chicken with potato mixture.

3.       Take small portions and make in to cutlet shape.

4.       Dip this in beated egg and cover with bread crumbs.

5.       Heat oil in a pan and deep fry cutlets.

Note :  Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve with suitable dip




  1. Hi There Lovely Space You got With Wonderful Recipes and Presentation, I have a award waiting for you in my blog pls do visit and collect it :)

    Happy Blogging :)

  2. i have a doubt over this dear, is the chicken minced cooked or uncooked which u mix with the potato mixture?

  3. Sorry for the confusion...its cooked minced chicken